From Jean in Greenville, SC

Always able to depend on Tony Thrasher and Thrasher Heating & Air to save the day! My AC is back in business! Thanks! 

From Clayton in Simpsonville, SC

...... you saved me tons of dollars by being honest. I will always call on you for help and advice! ...... Again, thank you for your honesty! 

From Alan in Piedmont, SC

I recently posted a request for an HVAC tech that was more than a parts disconnector/ changer. I heard from a couple of you, and I appreciate the response. I contacted a gentleman, a UCREIA vendor, and after a couple of emails, decided to have him look at my system. I'm here to tell you--if any of you folks has a need for an HVAC tech that ACTUALLY KNOWS how to fix something, is on time, is dependable, is honest, is-----all the good stuff you're looking for, PLEASE do yourself a favor and call  Tony Thrasher-864-201-3172. He is an absolute pitbull when it comes to htg/ac gremlins. I know this first hand!!!!!  Alan 

From Tamara in Greenville, SC

Thank you for taking care of this so promptly and professionally. Tamara 

From Brian in Greenville, SC

 I called Tony about coming to my house and inspecting my unit. He quickly responded and we arranged for a time for him to come by the house. He is completely professional and trustworthy and did a great job! I highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks for the great job, Tony! 

From Dowse in Greenville, SC

 I was put in touch with Thrasher's HVAC after four different companies could not "solve" my HVAC problems.  All of the prior companies would come, "charge up" the system and never fix the problem.  Thrasher's came and stayed until almost 1 am to actually fix the problem.  This gentleman is not there to obtain a quick service charge.  He genuinely tried to fix the issue and was able to do so.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.