How much does it cost for an estimate & what is a service call fee?

We provide free estimates for new equipment quotes but we charge a flat rate service call fee to diagnose your current system failure. Our service call fee covers the high costs associated with having our  service trucks on the road (e.g. regular maintenance, insurance, taxes and consumables such as fuel, oil, tires, etc.), as well as keep our highly  trained service technicians on staff. 

How much is your service call fee?

 Our service call fee is currently $75 but is subject to change dependent upon the highly variable costs of conducting business. Once the technician  has determined what has caused your HVAC system to fail, they will  provide you with an estimate of what needs to be replaced/repaired as  well as any additional  costs associated with those repairs. 

What is your hourly rate?

 We don't charge an hourly rate but rather conduct business on a flat rate costing software that is used by thousands of HVAC  contractors across North America. The cost of doing business has  increased substantially over the last few years and flat rate pricing allows us to use our accounting software to build a total cost into each job, make a fair profit, while still providing you with reasonable  pricing.